Anise & Orange

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This striking & modern looking salt bar is made with an Artisanal blend of European Sea Salts and Activated Charcoal. The scent is an utterly addicting blend of Spicy Anise and Sweet Orange (similar to the scent of licorice). Anise has long been a fisherman’s companion. Many fishermen believe that anise oil has the ability to mask the human scent that fish may detect when baiting hooks. Fisherman can even rub the anise soap on the lures to attract fish! It’s also a great bar for getting rid of odors from your hands in the kitchen such as fish, garlic or onions. Regardless if you're a fisherman or not this soap bar will probably become your favorite! This bar is loaded with Activated Charcoal & Sea Salt that and makes a nice scrubby & detoxifying bar. The anise scent of black licorice is spicy, sweet & pleasing.

BAR TYPE: Exfoliating / Detoxifying / Clarifying / Moisturizing

Plant-Based | Ethically Sourced | Eco-Friendly | Vegan | Palm Free

Ingredients will be listed on individual bar label

Vibey Soap Co. bars made in small batches using the traditional cold process method of soap making. Each bar cures for 6 weeks to ensure a hard, long-lasting bar of soap with a rich, bubbly, creamy lather. Skin is left feeling clean, nourished & comfortable. Our vegan soaps are created using 'Super Luxe Oils' such as Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Avocado Oil & sometimes Hemp Oil. 

We use only natural, ethically sourced, skin-loving vegetable oils (no pre-made soap bases, detergents, preservatives, or sulfates).

Nut allergy warning: Products are manufactured in a facility that also uses Tree Nut Products

Average bar net weight is 4.5 oz - 5.0 oz. Shelf life is approximately 9-12 months. This item is best stored in a cool, dry place until ready to use. It is highly recommended that you place your soap in a dish that drains such as Soap Lift (sold separately, available on our website), not flat on a surface or in a non-draining dish. This not only helps to prolong the life of your handmade soap but keeps it from getting stuck to your tub/sink surface or non-draining dish!